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VFX Services

Looking for special effect companies? Choose our streamlined VFX services with a customer-centric approach. GPcoders is a leading VFX service provider with a well-versed team of qualified visualizers, graphic artists, illustrators, and designers who are apt with the latest visual trends.

We bring together pioneering technology and creativity to play developing visuals that match your expectations.

Rotoscope outsourcing

We started rotoscope animation services back in 2015. Rotoscoping is a traditional approach to produce realistic action via tracing and creating live-action frames. Our rotoscoping artists are well-trained and provide satisfactory results while cutting down your efforts and time. We can make an average video look substantial with attention to detail.

  • VFX Roto
  • Stereo Roto
  • Green/Blue Keying
  • Matt Extraction

Paint/Prep services

GPcoders offers you a proven team of paint and prep artists. Paint and cleanup are two important aspects of the VFX pipeline. Whether you want to make the image clutter-free or reconstruct the background or motion frame correction, our company provides you with easy access to the VFX artists. Leverage our Paint and Prep services at cost-effective rates.

  • Wire and Rig Removals
  • Clean plate creation
  • Camera/Crew/Reflection/Object Removal
  • Scratch/Dust Removals
  • Clean up tatoo/wrinkles
  • Scars/Hair removals
  • Digital makeup
  • Age spots/Beard removals

Cosmetic Fixes

You can explore our services for cosmetic or beauty fixes too. If you have a business of beauty products or you are into movie making or other visually-driven products, you can choose our VFX services for digital beauty enhancements like removing eye bags, eyebrows lifting, puffing lips, chroma-keying, and other cosmetic changes to the motion frames.


What our clients say about us?

Social Products

It has been a great experience working with Pardip and his team. They are very cooperative and we definitely plan to work with Pardip and his team for a long time.


Founder, Absentia

UBT Fleet

Great freelancer experience in our website creation. Pardip listens and follows instructions well.


Founder, UBT Fleet, Australia

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