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Top Web Design Trends for Impressive UX/UI in 2020-21

Websites have become an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Every business or individual who wishes to reach a mass audience, developing a website is a must. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet. And, if we consider SMEs and large enterprises, 8 out of every 10 businesses have a website.

Undoubtedly, the world of the internet is powerful with lots of customers looking for suitable web or mobile services. It is noteworthy that not every website is attracting the potential audience. The reason can be any like poor content strategy, or SEO, or an ill-favored UX/UI, etc.

In this post, we will go through the UX/UI structure while learning the key web design trends which can help us design profitable websites.

What is UX & UI? Why are these important for us?

To brief out, UI is the user interface that we develop and UX is the usability of this interface. If you wish to attain a satisfactory UX for your website, it is important to come up with an appealing UI. As per Forrester, every $1 invested in a UX brings ROI of 9,900% worth $100 in return.

How can we achieve a winning UI for a website?

Well, a website should always illustrate the core of our business services. However, considering the potential audience’s interest while designing a website is crucial from the user-engagement perspective. If we simply design a website that we like, there are fair chances of bad conversions.

A well-designed website with a perfect balance between services and consumers’ interest brings 200% conversions. Apart from this, there are some leading web design trends that can help you develop a website, with high conversions.

Easy to Navigate

With the rise of smartphones and other wearable devices like smartwatches, web design preferences have taken a revolutionary turn. To accommodate small devices, navigation needs to be the simplest. On the smaller screens, we can not expect long paragraphs to grab the consumer’s interest. In fact, the viewers will abandon our website in no time.

Here, large-scale videos, animations, or pictures can be great while impressing the users with minimum content. A picture is always more than 100 words. With high-quality imagery, we can easily convey our business objective to the viewers.


Personalization is a method of trying our own way while web designing. Instead of choosing an in-built theme, we can choose to design a website from scratch covering HTML, CSS, etc. We can draw a sketch on a piece of paper and ask the designers to imitate the same.

The inclusion of hand-drawn artistic illustrations will make a website authentic. It is noteworthy that not every product line can choose this approach while designing a website. Any art business can definitely make the most of personalization.

3D Elements

In recent years, there have been massive technological advancements in the field of web design trends. 3D elements are one of those which are engaging and fun for the viewers, bringing more on-site time.

A 3D view of the products brings a sense of realism to our website, especially benefiting eCommerce service providers. As consumers can see the products from the perspective of practical use. It is noteworthy that a minimal usage of 3D elements is recommended. Because they can hamper the page load times, leaving bad SEO impacts.

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

Just like multi-touch screens have replaced Desktops, voice prototypes are enabling the future of UIs. There is a significant change in a way consumers interact with machines; instead of typing keywords, they are simply talking to the machines.

Try to incorporate VUIs in web design and development practices. Building voice-based user experiences are more challenging as GUIs as there needs to be a quality of interaction.

Our Web Design Approach at Gpcoders

At Gpcoders, we have a dedicated team of web designers who have proven expertise over HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, and other Javascript languages like React.js, Vue.js. We follow a systematic approach while delivering our clients pixel-perfect, scalable, and responsive web and mobile app designs.

If you are planning to design a platform that adapts all the above-listed trends, ask for a free business consultation. We also offer custom web solutions at cost-effective rates.

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Pardip Bhatti
Pardip Bhatti is the founder and CEO of Gpcoders. He holds over ten years of proven experience in web and mobile app development services. In 2015, he founded Gpcoders intending to serve the clients with services, including mobile/web development and graphic designing. He is a technology geek who aspires to design and develop future business solutions with advanced technology. He follows a result-driven approach while implementing agile software solutions. When he is not coding, Pardip spends most of his time traveling, playing sports, and watching cricket matches.
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