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React.js for Front-end Development- An Immersive Way for Better Usability

React.js Development

React.js for front-end development is paving its way for effective business solutions. It’s easy to use codebase and other developers’ tools are highly recommended for building future front-end apps.

“As per, a better front-end design can raise a website’s conversion rates to 200%. And, UI designs are responsible for over 95% of your business sales.”

Over the past years, the role of front-end development has shifted significantly. From a simple visual design for a website, it has outgrown to a powerful UI that delivers immersive user experiences. As per the experts, the front-end solely is responsible for over 95% of sales. Thus, businesses have been giving extra attention when it comes to front-end development for consumers.

To support this need of businesses, the developers have come forward with a mixture of HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts to build innate UIs. One powerful JavaScript that is gaining enormous appreciation amongst the developers is React.js. Currently, it supports over 95,000 websites with more than 1400 developers’ expertise in it. Many Fortune 500 companies such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. utilize React.js for a major part of their front-end development.

Introduction to React.js for front-end Apps

React.js is a Javascript-based UI library that you can exploit to build powerful front-end development for both web and mobile. Before the launch of React.js for front-end, Angular was the major player of JS libraries. However, many seasonal developers were suffering from its abrupt learning curve and a lot of coding for building JS applications.

When React js came into the market, it was misunderstood as a JS framework. But it is not at all a Framework. Unlike Angular, React js is just a view only library without any routers, state managers, or APIs. To brief out, React js is an open-source JS library that is useful for developing UI components or user interfaces. The developers can easily expand the core React library with some added libraries.

Features and Capabilities of React.js in Front-end Development Process

Here are some compelling features and capabilities of React js that prove out to be the best traits of competent front-end development language. Let’s have a look!


Developed by Facebook, React js is an open-source library. It offers competitive front-end development features and technical expertise with lower costs involved. Moreover, there is a flexibility to customize the default architecture by adding external libraries. It provides a rich ecosystem with multiple in-house packages to use. Being open-source allows React js to enhance the innovation, interoperability, and efficiency of a JS application.

Flexible Components

Offering Flexible components is another key feature of React js that contributes to its popularity amongst the developers. The way it has categorized its components to develop UIs is unique yet congenial. With React js, the developers can explore isolated, reusable, and independent components. Moreover, there are readily available component libraries like React Belle, React Bootstrap, and React Material UI that can be used while building JS applications.

Modular Architecture

React js offers a modular architecture. It allows you to combine all the components, files, code, reducers, and components of a specific module into an independent module. That means while building JS applications, the developers can have a base logic ready that can be implemented to all modules. This approach allows them to scale the application without worrying about the future requirement of introducing features and functionalities. 

The Virtual DOM Layer

React js offers a virtual DOM layer in between the actual DOM and the user layer. It is done to eradicate the delay in UI responses. A virtual DOM is the virtual representation of the real DOM. Whenever developers perform any changes to the DOM, they will stay in the memory instead of directly updating it on the user’s screen. Once the algorithm detects and determines that part of DOM, it will reflect at the user’s end.

Highly Performant

React Js is widely known for its highly performant nature. This feature is driven from the prior feature listed here, i.e., The Virtual DOM Layer. In general, DOM deals with XML, HTML, and XHTML, and exists in the memory. React js utilizes the virtual DOM instead of real DOM so everything is saved and written directly in the memory, leading to streamlined app performance. It cut down on any kind of hurdle to User-experiences.

One Way Data Binding

React.js for front-end development provides the developers with one-way data binding feature. It supports the one-sided flow of data to give you better control over your JS application. For instance, the data can flow from the parent component to the child component, but it can not be vice versa. However, if there is a requirement of change in the state of the child component, it can perform it via callback functions.

Great Development Ecosystem

Another key feature of React js is its great development ecosystem. Although it is easy to learn and use, there remains a need for easily accessible tools for design and debugging. React offers its Developer Tools’ browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. The developers can leverage the extension to inspect and monitor the virtual DOM’s hierarchies. They can also pick and edit a specific component’s state and properties via React Developer Tools.

Tracking the component’s hierarchy, discovering both parent and child components, editing the components, etc., everything is possible via React’s browser extension.

Best Use Cases of React js Technology

If you are still confused about the usage of React js for your application development, below are some compelling pointers that can help you make up your mind to React JS app development. Let’s have a look below:-

  • A Simplified Front-end Development
  • Time and Money Saving
  • SEO-friendly JS Applications
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • Growing and Well-maintained Application
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Structured & Easy to Maintain Code

Apparently, React Js is suitable for almost every business vertical including eCommerce, social network, business websites, dashboards, etc. You can be involved in any sort of business, React Js has got your back with compelling and intuitive front-end development.

To Wrap Up

Nowadays, choosing the best front-end development technology is substantial. With the evolution of multiple technologies claiming the best features, it has become hard for the clients to choose the best one. Undoubtedly, every business is different so do their web design needs. React js is one such technology that can meet the needs of almost every business. Why is it so? The answer lies within this post. Its versatile built and unique features make it fit in almost every front-end development approach.

If you are looking for custom solutions for React js front-end development needs, consult our experts for free. At Gpcoders, we have years of proven expertise in building and delivering intuitive UIs that are highly engaging and profitable. To know more, get in contact us today.

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