Convert PSD to WordPress! Some commonly involved benefits of PSD to Wordpress conversion are,

  • PSDs are easy to use.
  • Clients can modify/edit content (if required).
  • Easy social media integration (through WP plugins).
  • An SEO-friendly development approach.

Initially launched as a mere blogging platform for non-technical users, WordPress has evolved tremendously. Besides blogs, the users can develop and run fully functional eCommerce platforms, CMSs, and other business applications on WordPress.

“More than 1/3rd of the web is powered by WordPress. To be specific, the present market share of WordPress is approximately 40% of all websites (including all CMS and custom coded websites).” Source- Kinsta

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So, what makes WordPress popular?

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • An abundance of themes and plug-ins
  • 100% customizable designs
  • Easily expandable apps

Above all, Wordpress offers a large and active community of developers who always stay up to innovate and upgrade the platform.

Planning for PSD to WordPress conversion? If yes, read ahead to find out a step-by-step guide for a seamless process.

Quick look of the basic steps involved in PSD to WordPress conversion:-

  • Analyze PSD
  • PSD Slicing or Layering
  • Write HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery for design implementation
  • HTML Files into WordPress Theme File Structure
  • WordPress Plugin (if required)
  • Testing

Detailed Conversion Process for PSD to WordPress

Under this section, I shall discuss each of the six steps mentioned above which take place when we choose PSD to WordPress conversion approach.

1. Analyze PSD

A PSD or a photoshop design is a piece of software that is prepared by graphic designers. It is prepared in order to convert the file into a working WP template using different methodologies.

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The PSD analysis is an important step as it helps the developers to analyze and comprehend the complications that they may face during the conversion process. It is important for the developers to plan various activities such as splitting into HTML, placing different design components, and performing CSS beforehand.

2. PSD Slicing or Layering

Once the developers have analyzed PSD, it is easy for them to start layering. Unlike other formats such as JPG or JPEG, a PSD file can be layered. PSD slicing takes place in multiple steps where the whole design is cut down into small layers.

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Afterward, developers link each PSD slice with different URLs (leading to website navigation or in-page navigation) and optimize in PhotoShop. These sliced PSDs are commonly saved in either Bitmap or JPEG. However, other formats such as GIF are also practiced.

3. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery Implementation

This is the major step in converting PSD to WordPress theme. Here, the developers implement HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery to develop functional website templates replicating the same design as PSD. All these technologies support each other in carrying out the conversion process. For instance, the visual representation of HTML will be handled by CSS.

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The developers create separate files for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery codes with different extensions like .html, .css, and .js respectively. Almost every essential concept including cross-browser compatibility, interactiveness, responsiveness, etc. is taken care of.

4. HTML Files into WordPress Theme File Structure

Now that we’ve created a static HTML file from a PSD file successfully, it’s time to break down HTML files into WordPress theme file structure. Under this step, developers turn the static file into a dynamic and fully responsive WordPress theme by breaking down the HTML file into multiple PHP files.

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To be precise, index.html code file is distributed into different PHP files which WordPress will call collectively to generate a webpage. Ideally, there are multiple PHP files created including category.php, footer.php, index.php, comments.php, search.php, archive.php, header.php, style.css, 404.php, etc. (as per the theme requirements).

5. WordPress Plugin Requirement

WordPress is best known for its thousands of free and premium plugins that allow integrating different functionalities in a website. Starting from social media integration to making a website SEO-friendly, wordpress offers plugins for almost everything. While performing PSD to WordPress conversions sometimes we require to install plugins as per client requirements.

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It is noteworthy that almost everything in a wordpress theme can be achieved with custom coding. However, it becomes hard for the clients sometimes to manage the features (if implemented custom). Here, the use of plugins makes things easier for clients. They can use the website at complete ease without getting into complex coding structures.

6. Testing

In the world of development, testing is pivotal as it allows fixing the bugs in your theme or app before you make it live. In this step, developers perform unit tests on the WordPress theme. The JS and WordPress errors are fixed if found. Plus, HTML and CSS validation as per W3C standards takes place.

Apart from these, the issues related to theme performance in context with responsiveness, etc. are also scrutinized and fixed.

Challenges Involved in PSD to WordPress Conversions

Advanced coding skills required

Undoubtedly, Wordpress is widely known as a beginner-friendly platform. It is but to a certain extent. If you wish to perform some complex and professional approaches such as PSD to WordPress theme conversion, it calls for a skilled professional. As per the steps mentioned above, coding skills in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, jQuery are imperative for a professional who is going to perform PSD to WordPress theme conversion.

Our Solution:

At GPCODERS, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are aware of all the technicalities involved if you opt to convert PSD to WordPress method. Since 2015, we have delivered several successful WordPress themes derived from photoshop designs. Besides an in-depth understanding of the process, our coders are proficient in technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript , PHP, and jQuery.

Making it search engine friendly

Another challenge involved when you choose to convert PSD to WordPress theme is to create search engine friendly templates. If you fail to achieve an SEO-friendly WordPress website, you won’t be able to receive good online responses. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a note of this point whether you’re performing PSD to WordPress conversion on your own or hiring professionals to do so.

Our Solution:

Our PSD to WordPress theme conversion services are majorly focused on making the end application highly performant. Be it search engine optimization or load times, we write optimized theme code and scripts to load and render as fast as possible. We practice minimal JS and CSS files, asynchronous JS, lazy loading, and cut down any functions redundancy from the front-end code.

Responsiveness/Cross-platform Compatibility

Presently, a responsive/cross-platform approach is trending in the market. As we all know mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lives. Thus, our PSD to WordPress conversion should lead to a responsive or cross-platform website. In other words, it should run smoothly and accurately when accessed on different devices of different sizes and configurations.

Our Solution:

Converting a PSD file into responsive Wordpress templates is a tedious process. When you choose to perform PSD to WordPress conversion on your own, there are chances that you might forget some important steps that put the foundation of a cross-platform website.

Our PSD to HTML conversion process is executed in such a way that it renders responsive CSS output for any platform or device. A proper testing of WordPress templates is performed to ensure responsiveness.

Our PSD to WordPress Conversion Services

After WordPress, multiple technologies have already hit the web development world. However, this simple and easy to use CMS has succeeded to maintain its position amongst us. Despite the presence of powerful technologies such as Magento, Drupal, etc., vendors choose PSD to WordPress conversion service irrespective of their business vertical.

As we can see, PSD to WordPress theme conversion process is not an easy task if you’re a non-technical person. There are multiple steps and challenges involved that require expert’s surveillance. So, it is highly recommended that you should opt for PSD to wordpress services if you wish to develop a dynamic website.

At GPCODERS, we’re a team of experts who excel in WordPress development services. To date, we have handled over 100 projects successfully. Be it theme development for front-end, plugin development and integration at back-end, or any other WordPress-related services, our professionals are at your service. Book a free business consultation, if you seek assistance in your upcoming project.

WordPress-related services, our professionals are at your service. Book a free business consultation, if you seek assistance in your upcoming project.

Apart from that, you are welcome to ask questions or to give feedback if any. You can get in touch with our experts via Skype, Phone, or Email.

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