Our Portfolio

A collection of diverse projects demonstrating the creativity, spectrum, and intuitiveness of our work with both large brands like DraftKings and local startups like Operation36 Golf.

Pyxis Social

Pyxis is a social media content management application that allows users to schedule posts over different social platforms. We have used ReactJS to develop its frontend and have incorporated powerful analytics.


AIquire is a tool to analyze various metrics of ads. We have worked on different modules to fetch and graphically represent the users data. Custom table views, Reactive forms & Angular were taken into consideration.


Disney is a wonderful application for children who aspire to learn English in an interactive way.. We have developed this application from scratch while using ReactJS (front-end) and Strapi NodeJS (backend).


Hyer is an online recruitment portal for solving the hurdles of recruitment for employers and employees. We have developed this application from scratch and have used NextJS for frontend and NestJS for backend.


Nalulu is an online shopping portal for purchasing bamboo chimes for your home and workspaces. The website is built over NextJS and supported by Prismic CMS. Our developers have worked on it from scratch.


Weddingman is a dedicated matrimonial portal for Sri Lankans and the world under the assistance of personal advisors. Our team of professionals has developed this portal from scratch and exploited React and Node.


EasyMeet is an online application to conduct meetings online with your peers. Its front-end is built over ReactJS and NodeJS has been used for backend. We have integrated twilio for messages and video calls.

Inquiry Concierge

Inquiry Concierge is an application to keep a track on your business inquiries. Our developers have done custom coding to achieve the functionalities while using ReactJS for frontend and NestJS for backend.


RecruiterPM is the first project management and analytics platform to measure productivity across in-house & remote recruiting teams. This platform is built over two powerful technologies, i.e., React and Node.