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Cross-platform App Development with React Native; A Winning Approach

With an ever-increasing adoption rate, mobile app development holds a bright future in all the emerging markets. As per reports by, there will be around 258 billion mobile app downloads worldwide by 2022 (an increase of 45% from 2017). There are several factors associated with mobile app development that are boosting such a huge appreciation amongst the end-users; Such as:

  • Advancement in mobile app development technologies
  • Inclination towards usability in mobile UX
  • Strong security measures
  • Mobile analytics for increased user engagement
  • And, more.

In the current market scenario, almost every businessman is inclined towards building mobile applications to reach a mass audience. However, choosing the best approach to mobile app development is crucial. Some businesses focus on iOS platforms whereas others prefer to capture Android users. It is noteworthy that there is another approach to reach mobile users, i.e., cross-platform app development.

What is A Cross-platform App Development?

Cross-platform app development is a versatile approach for mobile app development that caters to both iOS and Android platforms. Developing a cross-platform application means you can serve multiple platforms and software environments.
Benefits: Lower Development & Maintenance Cost; Enhanced User Experience; Swift Development Process; Wider Reach.

Why React Native for Cross-platform App Development?

Undoubtedly, there are numerous options available like Flutter, Ionic, or Xamarin. But, React Native App Development to serve the mobile audience is considered to be extremely efficacious.

Let’s go through some key benefits below:-

Reusable Components
Code reusability is an important benefit of React Native. Leveraging this advancement of React, you can code once and use the same for any OS, be it iOS or Android. Its code reusability is its competitive advantage over other programming languages.

Easy 3rd Party Integrations
With most of the frameworks, developers have to suffer sometimes as they aren’t allowed to integrate 3rd party plugins as sometimes it is imperative to achieve specific functionality. React Native proves out to be a boon as it is flexible with any customization options.

Speedy Development Process
React Native accelerates the app development process. With its reusable components and built-in UI elements, the developers can develop a fully-functional cross-platform app in no time.

React Native provides you a modular architecture that allows the developers to segment different functionalities of a program into independent modules. Moreover, its declarative coding style offers a flexible and streamlined app development process.

More Stability
React Native is perfect for cross-platform app development as it provides more stability as compared to any other platform. It is best suitable if you are looking for transposable app architecture. In short, React Native App Development is an optimal and cost-effective affair.

With this language, the React Native Development company can create a cross-platform application once. And, most of its code can be employed in other platforms. It saves them a lot of time and cost.

Wider Reach
Building a cross-platform application with React Native allows the companies to access a wider audience. Single app development with React Native can target both Android and iOS users.

Pre-built Components
It offers several pre-built components facilitating a faster cross-platform React Native App Development. There is always some useful code available with React Native that can be deployed in your app for absolutely free of cost.

To Wrap Up
Although React Native is an emerging platform for developing cross-platform applications. But with its excellent and unrivaled features, it has the potential to win the hearts of developers and clients. If you are looking for building a unique and feature-rich cross-platform application, contact our React Native App Development team anytime for Free Assistance.

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Pardip Bhatti
Pardip Bhatti is the founder and CEO of Gpcoders. He holds over ten years of proven experience in web and mobile app development services. In 2015, he founded Gpcoders intending to serve the clients with services, including mobile/web development and graphic designing. He is a technology geek who aspires to design and develop future business solutions with advanced technology. He follows a result-driven approach while implementing agile software solutions. When he is not coding, Pardip spends most of his time traveling, playing sports, and watching cricket matches.
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