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Android App Development: Helpful Android Tools for Developers

AuthorPardip Bhatti
PublishedOctober 26, 2020
Android App Development

Using appropriate Android app development tools is obligatory if you plan to build well-optimized business apps. In this post, I am going to take you through an essential set of tools that can be useful.

Mobile Apps are a constant part of our life. From watching movies to purchasing things, we rely on the tiny icons in our smartphones. Just name a service, there is a mobile application available for it. Considering mass adoption, multiple tech giants are investing and exploring the potential of the mobile app development industry.

Parallelly, there has been a significant impact of advanced technologies on the mobile app development process. To name a few, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning (ML), and Virtual Reality (VR). The implementation of such technologies in a traditional app development process has taken up the level by storm.

Why Android for mobile app development?

We can categorize the market of mobile applications into two major categories, i.e., Android and iOS. Both are two operating systems for smart devices. Obviously, the iOS market is limited and confined to only Apple users. Whereas Android is a vast platform that is widely accepted and used by customers worldwide.

According to, Android OS holds a 74.13% share of Mobile OS at the global level. Plus, the total no. of Android users are anticipated to reach 2 billion by the end of 2021.

Statista Comparison

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Apparently, if you are a service provider and are planning to increase your customer base in the mobile market, Android app development is the most suitable option for you. Moreover, there are numerous other factors linked to Android OS that dominate other available options. For instance,

  • The cost of mobile app development with Android is low.
  • The clients get a high ROI.
  • Android is Open Source.
  • Android architecture is ready to customize and easy to integrate.
  • Unlike other available OSs, Android supports multiple 3rd party sales channels.
  • You can build Android applications on your own if you have Java knowledge.

Well, this is the list of some compelling benefits of choosing an Android platform for your next project. Having said that, the use of effective Android tools is equally important for the success of your Android application.

Recommended Android App Development Tools

To put you at ease, I have curated a list of powerful Android development tools that can affect the overall mobile app development positively. Let’s get started!

1. Android Studio

Founded in 2013, Android Studio is a product of Google. It is one of the finest software that is globally appreciated by developers. If you wish to build complex Android applications, it is the most helpful software. With this, you can get the latest and advanced plugins and tools for your app development.

Android Studio

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From code altering to testing, you will get everything with Android Studio. Moreover, it is free to use by Google. Some of its powerful features include,

  • Code Manager for better code composition.
  • Emulator to model and test your Android application before you start coding.
  • Support for C++ and NDK.
  • Firebase and Cloud connection.

With all these features packed, Android Studio is quite a powerful tool for Android developers.

2. SDK Tools

Android SDK tool is a versatile approach that is helpful in the whole ecosystem including tablets, smartphones, Android TV, and wearables. These tools are essential irrespective of the Android platform you are working on. Installing Android SDK will

provide access to multiple tools including ddms, draw 9-patch, emulator, traceview, and more.

All these tools collectively help you in writing, optimizing, and testing codebases for Android mobile app development. Some of its powerful features include,

  • APIs for optimizing the application behavior.
  • Offline maps in over 60 dialects across 190 nations worldwide.
  • Android debug bridge to establish a connection between app and emulator.
  • Android SDK is open-source which means it is easy to customize apps.

Using Android SDK tools allows businesses to enjoy swift app deployment with less go-to-sell time.

3. AVD Manager

AVD or Android Virtual Device is a wonderful utility tool in the app development process. The developers can utilize this to test Android applications without an in-hand Android device. This facility is a major perk of AVD Manager. Here, you can find almost every possible capability of a real Android device and Android API levels.

With AVD Managers’ emulator, You can imitate the text messages and phone calls, set the location of the device, imitate network speeds, hardware sensors, or rotation. Some of its powerful features include,

  • Quick access to your Android Emulator (less than 5 seconds to boot).
  • Compatibility Test Suite or CTS compatible.
  • Dedicated community support.
  • Continuous improvements from the developer’s community.

Not only these but you can also access Google Play Store for extended services on App testing.

4. Firebase

Firebase is another powerful Android app development tool. It was launched by Google. Leverage Firebase to carry out tasks like user authentication, user data synchronization across numerous devices. Building an individual server to perform these is challenging sometimes.


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Firebase offers a free back-end-as-service platform (BaaS) which can be exploited by the developers to save both time and cost.

  • Real-time database for quick app updates for interconnected clients.
  • Robust authentication system.
  • Well-documented OAuth2 (for Github, Google, Twitter, and Facebook).
  • Ready-made APIs.

You can explore important services like cloud messaging, analytics, and crash reporting with Firebase for FREE.

Final Words

In this list, I have tried to include the essential Android development tools that make a developer’s life easier. All these tools are all capable to bring uniqueness, dynamicity, and efficiency to the Android app development process. Using the core features of each tool, you can significantly design and develop impressive, fast, and successful mobile applications over the Android platform.

Our Android app development team at GPCODERS has core expertise in all the listed tools here. We always strive to deliver brilliance in your app solutions. If you are also planning to build or expand your business application on Android, feel free to contact us anytime.

At last, I would state that only using a tool is not enough until you explore its utility guide. Almost every developer tool comes with detailed documentation on its features and capacities. Therefore, I recommend you to go through the same once before you select any Android tool. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding this article, I’d love to hear from you.You can contact us here.

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